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  1. Customer service

I will serve my clients with honesty, integrity, competence, and objectivity, establishing a relationship of trust and confidentiality whilst offering the best technical judgement in line with my client’s interests.

  1. Qualification

I will only accept assignments for which I have studied, trained and am professionally qualified and in accordance with my experience and technical background. I also undertake to assign projects to staff according to their qualifications and the services to be provided.

  1. Standard Practices

My services are provided in a manner consistent with the accepted professional standards in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations that govern this practice.

  1. Fair competition

I will carry out my professional duties based on direct experience and delivered services, and I will compete loyally and with total respect for my fellow professionals.

  1. Conflict of interest

I will avoid any conflict of interest and I will inform the client of any circumstance that could call into question my impartiality and objectivity or integrity in the services provided.

  1. Fair compensation

I will negotiate fairly and openly with my clients the bases of compensation, and will set the fees and expenses within reason and consistent with the service to be performed along with the responsibilities and risks to be assumed.

  1. Disseminate information

I will only make comments publicly that are true and objective. I will appropriately store confidential information and files and protect the interests of my clients and fellow professionals.

  1. Social Conscience

I will not participate in any racial, sexual or political discrimination in relation to any assignment. I will avoid any conduct that could be considered unethical or that interferes or has conflicts with the law, statutes or regulations, and I will defend the safety, health and social welfare in the development of my professional duties.

  1. Professional development

I will continue to study and develop professionally, obtaining skills whilst contributing to the development practices of Integrated Project Management as a profession, promoting research, education and motivation.

  1. Profesional Integrity

I will avoid actions that promote my own interests at the expense of the profession and uphold the standards of the Project Manager profession with honor and dignity.

  1. Spanish Association of Project Management

GNGRUP al ser socio de la Asociación Española de Dirección Integrada de Proyecto AEDIP está de acuerdo y se compromete a desarrollar sus deberes siguiendo el Código Deontológico de AEDIP

  1. Spanish Association of Engineering, Consulting and Technological Services Companies

GNGRUP al ser socio de la Asociación Española de Empresas de Ingeniería, Consultoría y Servicios TecnológicosTECNIBERIA está de acuerdo y se compromete a desarrollar sus deberes siguiendo el Código Deontológico deTECNIBERIA.


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